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Empowering young people through education

The two-year IB Diploma Programme Scholarship is a remarkable opportunity for young people to take their dynamism to new levels. The rigorous selection process enables the College to select students who have the potential to make a difference and be agents for change.

Saif, Class of 2017 from Guyana, is one of those students. Inspired by the Initiative for Peace (IfP) programme, he wants to empower young people in his country and reduce youth conflict.

“My most significant UWCSEA experience has been participating in IfP. For one year I trained as a facilitator and was equipped with the necessary tools to run a conference on peace in Timor-Leste that focused on conflict, identity, human rights, equality and individual empowerment.

Despite the extensive planning, when we arrived I was nervous. How do we teach these students who have experienced a war about peace? Instead, I did not teach them. I learned from them. I spent an evening with young girls who had been the victim of sexual assault, some from as young as five. They had to live hidden lives as their abusers were actively searching for them. Yet here they were, learning how to forge a more peaceful future.

Being part of the UWC movement has genuinely shaped the way I see and approach life. It has enhanced my interest to work for humanitarian causes and has made me a more globally aware person.

My biggest hope is to bring IfP to Guyana. My country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and though we are not a war-torn country, there is still much conflict amongst young people.”



After graduation, Saif joined Middlebury College in the US on a full scholarship to study Development Economics and Political Science.




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